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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our App Is Up!!!!

 I am so excited to FINALLY get to share this information!!! An app I have wanted for quite some time now exists and what do we want to do with the apps we love? SHARE THEM!!!

The Fast Facts:
  • App name is Organize My Dies
  • it's FREE
  • available on iTunes App Store and on Google Play  
  • works on iPhone and Android

What It Does:

  • a convenient system that allows you to organize the dies you own, create a wish list for the dies you want and NEVER buy a duplicate die again! (I never thought it would happen to me either...and then it did) 
There will be updates coming in the future as we add more companies and more features and of course fix anything that needs fixing as there is always something that can be tweaked or improved upon.

What The Heck is a Die?:

  • A die is a sharp, thin metal piece that cuts through paper and other materials when rolled through a die cutting machine (like a Big Kick, Cuttlebug, or Vagabond) thus creating whatever shape the die makes. (Think hearts, stars, flowers, circles etc.)  
In the world of card making, scrapbooking, and paper crafting they are very handy tools in creating whatever project you may be working on. Below is a picture of some of the dies I own.
my pile o' dies
my die machine


  Over the last several years my collection of metal dies has been growing and with new releases coming every month it continues to grow. A few different scenarios kept coming up for me. I would be in a store and would walk up on a clearance sale and ended up not buying any of the dies that were at an AMAZING price because I didn't know off the top of my head what I already owned (and these clearanced items couldn't be returned). Not a life changing moment I will agree but frustrating nonetheless.  OR
I would be at a friends' house and we would be talking about a card series we wanted to do together and brainstorming, sharing ideas for cards and then the last step was to compare what we both owned and what we would need to share because only one of us owned said item. This conversation got put on hold until I could physically be at my house to check my stash. Again, not the end of the world I know, however if any of you have experienced that connection when an idea is coming together and you are feeding off of each others' ideas and then it all comes to a halt for whatever reason and you try to pick up later where you left off and it is NEVER the same energy...that frustrates me to no end!!!

After having this happen over and over for the last several years I thought "how great would it be if there was an app that I could carry with me on my phone (which I take with me everywhere like it's a body part -go ahead judge me) that I could check any time I needed to see what is in my stash and then I don't have to worry about buying duplicates or my inability to keep a running catalog in my mind of everything I own?" Well I thought it would be STINKING FANTASTIC but alas no apps of that sort existed. And then, light bulb moment,  I don't know how to build an app but my husband was currently in school becoming a software developer and mobile app developing was one of the skills he was in the processing of acquiring.

So I waited, and waited, and I am not a patient person, but I waited. Then the moment arrived when he was able to think about doing his own project and that is when I presented my idea one evening in between our TV time hanging out on the couch together. I thought he was just humoring me since I got the "I'll think about it" so we went back to TV time. We didn't make it through a full 30 minute episode before he was pausing the show to ask more questions about my idea and what exactly I was looking for and then I knew...he's gonna build it!

And now here it is! Ready to use, ready to share, ready to talk about and I am so excited because it will solve a problem for me and I cannot be the ONLY person who has experienced this frustration will the cataloging of my dies. The bonus of it all is that my husband created the app and I am over the moon proud of him!!! This app fills my heart with joy as I add my dies and I can filter by company name or die name it has even begun to make my blogging easier!

Thank you so much for listening and please check out the app if it would be a help to you and your creative needs. Feedback is absolutely welcome and desired so please if you are willing to leave a comment and a rating.

Wishing you Sunshine, Smiles & Cards,
Kim :)