Ruby Blooms

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I have been packing for two days (a little longer than that because I began packing things we don't use regularly but wanted to take home about a month ago)! I am super excited because we leave tomorrow to travel to Spain for a week for a one last holiday before returning to life back home.

As I just posted on Monday one of my goals this year is to blog consistently and I intend to achieve that goal. I had intended to begin my Valentine's Day card series but my dates are going to be a bit different than I had intended because of the move and the upcoming holiday. So instead I plan to change the content of what will be on the blog until I get back home.

So many bags for just two people! (We brought WAY too much!)

So there will be pictures of Spain coming your way! We have a lot of fun adventures planned for the next week and a couple of chill days to truly relax. I am hoping to get a massage at some point. For some reason whenever we move (even when it's a move I want to make) it tends to be stressful and my shoulders get super tight!!! So I am looking forward to a massage to work all that out.

I wanted to bring so many of the clothes that I have needed while in Dublin home to Florida. I got honest with myself as I packed and packed and packed and then realized I had not yet packed any clothes! So then I took a closer look at the things I wanted to bring back and if I didn't love it then it didn't get packed. Some of the things that I really do like didn't get packed because let's face it I live in Florida and there is just no reason for me to bring back a bunch of things I would only get to wear maybe once a year.

This little crew is getting left behind as well :(  So sad but I probably would not have been able to use them as door stops at home anyway because our dog Cookie would think they were her new buddies and I would probably find them in her crate! Ha ha! 

I would still love to be able to pack the duvet in our guest room and Jamie is still going to help me see if we can purge a little more so we can get it in but I'm not holding my breath. Good thing I wasn't holding my breath I would have come to on the floor! There's just no room for it boo! 

I love this duvet the flowers make me so happy! 

Even though I will not be featuring my Valentine's Day series until Wednesday January 20th I don't want to leave you without some inspiration so I am going to send you over to one of my favorite gal pals Teresa so you can see what she's been up to! Head over to for some inspiration!