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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How Did This Happen? AGAIN!

Happy Wednesday!!!

This is the mess I started with yesterday. I cannot count the times I have cleaned up, reorganized, moved around and redistributed the items in my craft room! I am very much an out of site out of mind person so if there are things that I want to use on a regular basis I need to have easy access to them.

I was beginning to feel boxed in and had been carving out a big enough space to make something for a few weeks by the time I reached my limit and could take it NO MORE! So it was time once again to re-evaluate where my stuff should live. (yeah, yeah I know they are inanimate objects, don't worry I'm not chatting them up) I want and need the things that I use constantly to be with in arm's length.

So that is what I did, and oh my goodness, organizing and finding new places where things will work better takes SO MUCH LONGER than just cleaning up! I'm sure I am telling you all something you already know. What I do want to share and the whole reason for this post is I am going to walk you through the questions I asked myself in order to determine where to put what.

I make cards 95% of the time so every time I looked at an item and needed to decide where it should live I asked myself the following:

  1.  Will I need to use this on every card I make? If the answer to that question was yes then that told me it needed to be within reach. Within reach meaning I don't have to get up from my craft desk and preferably that I don't have to open a drawer to get to it. (Think tape runner, scissors, paper trimmer, etc.)
  2. How often will I need to get to this item? Take my watercolor paints and brushes, I don't watercolor every time I make a card so even though I like to have them close by I am okay with them being in a drawer. 
  3. Will organizing this item in this manner also add to the decor of my room? I know this might seem weird but I tell you the site of my 8.5x11 cardstock paper all lined up by color makes me happy and look so pretty to me! 
  4. Do I keep forgetting to use this? I love sequins and I really love to see them used on my cards however if I don't keep my sequins in front of me then they don't get used. I forget about them entirely until I am admiring the card of someone else and think how great the sequins look on their card and then (forehead slap) think I have those why didn't I do that! 
  5. Is this item something that I want the option to use even if I don't use it constantly? Such as glitter, foil paper, those kinds of things. 
This is how I decide where to place things in my room. So after going through all those questions with every single item I laid my hands on I ended up with this...

 Now I'm ready to CREATE!!! :)

Wishing you sunshine and smiles,
Kim :)