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Monday, March 7, 2016

Copics Copics Copics!

Hi Ya'll!
A friend of mine has decided to invest in Copic Sketch markers and I am so excited for her because I really enjoy using mine. I have gone from Sharpies to Bics to Promarkers, toyed with the idea of Spectrum Noir, and found I was happiest with Copics. Keep in mind that when I started coloring stamped images I was just trying the hobby out and I didn't want to invest a lot of money into a hobby I may not stick with.

Now let me point out that I have used Letraset Promarkers for about four years and was happy with them, but as my card making became my main focus over time I was more willing to really invest in a superb marker and I have cautioned a few people to not even try Copics if they are currently satisfied with the markers they are using because in my experience once you try Copics the rest just won't match up!

So back to my friend...I really wanted to give her a wide range of suggested colors so that once she received her order she would have a big enough variety to be able to color an image. When I did this for myself I spent a few hours on the internet looking at other blogs and what colors others suggested. When I was looking for myself I can't remember if Pinterest existed then or if it just didn't occur to me to look there. I personally think I found a gold mine on Pinterest when I discovered Jennifer Dove from !

 She posts what she calls "color of the day" where she uses several different Copic markers (typically a light, medium and dark shade) and then names the color she has created. Depending on what type of stamps you typically color (say flowers, animals, or people) will determine which colors you would want to start with. The way I compiled my list was to go over the colors on Pinterest (which I created a board for on Pinterest) and pick out the ones that I would need to color people and clothes.

As I thought about using an image on a card I realized I would need more than just people and clothing colors but would also need shading and a colorless blender as well. So that is where I began the list and also took into consideration the different shades of colors (a sky blue is not the same as blue jeans and the red you want to color a strawberry may not be the same you have envisioned for a Christmas red).

Here is the list I suggested so that she would be able to color an image to completion:

YR31     Light Reddish Yellow                                        RV04    Shock Pink
YR24     Pale Sepia                                                          RV02    Sugared Almond
YR09     Chinese Orange                                                 RV00    Water Lily
YR04     Chrome Orange                                                 R20       Blush
YG25     Celadon Green                                                  G29       Pine Tree Green
Y08        Acid Yellow                                                      G28       Ocean Green
Y06        Yellow                                                               G24       Willow
Y02        Canary Yellow                                                   E59       Walnut
V17        Amethyst                                                           E57        Light Walnut
V15        Mallow                                                              E55        Light Caramel
V12        Pale Lilac                                                          E53        Raw Silk
V09        Violet                                                                E51        Milky White
V06        Lavender                                                           E50        Egg Shell
V05        Azalea                                                               E35        Chamois
RV29     Crimson                                                             E33        Sand
RV25     DogRose Flower                                                E31        Brick Beige
RV23     Pure Pink                                                           E30         Bisque
RV21     Light Pink                                                          E08         Brown
RV11     Pink                                                                    C9          Cool Gray #9
RV09     Fuchsia                                                               C7          Cool Gray #7
RV06     Cerise                                                                 C5          Cool Gray #5
BV17    Deep Reddish Blue                                             C3          Cool Gray #3
BV11    Soft Violet                                                           C1          Cool Gray #1
BV08    Blue Violet                                                          100         Black
BV00    Pale Thistle
B04      Tahitian Blue
B02      Robin's Egg Blue
B00      Frost Blue
B000    Pale Porcelain Blue
B0000  Pale Celestine

 It's a lot I know but for these sketch markers Copic has over 350 colors, you truly can create any shade you may want with all of those! If you are building a collection or just starting out you can find great prices at Scrapping For Less along with any other card making supplies you might need!

When choosing markers from a collection like this it can be VERY overwhelming which is why I wanted to put this post up, so in the future someone who is looking for help in doing this may find some. Hope this helps!

Wishing you sunshine and smiles,
Kim :)