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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Best Mistake We Ever Made!!!

Our dog Cookie

 In my description on this blog and every other social media outlet I am on I mention my dog Cookie. I figure I am well overdue in introducing her on here since she is such a major part of my life. So here she is! She is currently eight years old and will be nine on St. Patrick's Day.

Now my hubby and I constantly refer to her as "the best mistake we ever made" and here is why. Jamie and I had gone out to dinner to Red Lobster and I ordered one of their huge lobsterita drinks (oh and I'm a light weight like a full beer in and I'm ready for bed) and I finished mine all by myself so I was quite giggly. My husband was driving us home when we somehow got to talking about puppies and the pet store (yes, I know go ahead and gasp, we both hate to admit this) in the mall. Next thing I know we are pulling a u-turn and heading for the mall. This is how we met Cookie. She was the cutest little bundle of fur and when we were playing with her she kept untying Jamie's shoe laces.

We were smitten and everybody who worked there got in line to hug her goodbye and they were all so sad but glad she was getting a good home. Ever since we have blamed our decision to buy a dog from a pet store on my lobsterita. Turns out she has been the sweetest dog we have ever known! One of her favorite things to do is have my husband pick her up and hold her on her back like a baby. She has been known to fall asleep like this. Another absolutely endearing thing she does is when you are holding her she will bury her head against your chest. It is just so sweet, one of her veterinarians was so smitten with her I was a little relieved when he gave her back to me.

I don't know what it is about dogs that is so entertaining but this little gal takes the cake! After she eats her breakfast or dinner she will often be found squirming around on her back making the kind of noises I associate with a great massage or really delicious food. It is hilarious! She also likes to get e
very single toy she has and put them in a circle (as well a dog can form a circle anyway) and then lay in the middle of them.

She likes to curl up in the crook of your legs if you are laying down on the couch

She loves so many things and I do mean LOVES! She loves her crate and often times if she isn't right with us or in her little beds (yes beds we have them all around the house because she likes to be close to us no matter what we are doing) she is in her crate. She is so easily excitable as well. She is excited every morning when we let her out of her crate to go out, she is excited every evening when we say "go to bed" and she runs into her crate (and if she thinks you weren't looking she will leave her crate and go back in making sure that you are watching) so excited for bedtime. She excitedly runs to the mailbox to sniff the pole and then when you call her back into the house she runs like the wind (sooo flippin funny to see!)

She alone has brought us so much joy and taught us that bottom line, we should all just be excited for each new day!

Wishing you sunshine and smiles,
Kim :)