Ruby Blooms

Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Card #2 AND #3

Holy Cow!!! It’s already October 10th! I CANNOT believe this month is going so fast, I swear I felt like yesterday was the first of the month and I had all kinds of time to put up my Halloween cards (ha! Not so much). 

So here we go a double feature if you will so that I can get caught up. I still have more Halloween cards I want to make! (Gasp!) I am still buying Halloween stuff to make cards for 2014! 

Don’t be alarmed I am not actually as panicked as this post may sound (it’s just for dramatic effect, I do realize this isn’t an ACTUAL problem).
So on to the fun part: the cards! 

These were fun to make, fun to color just fun, fun, fun! (Let’s face it if it was like work, work, work you wouldn’t be reading this.)  :) 

Wishing you sunshine and smiles,