Ruby Blooms

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hello Again World!

Hello Everybody!!!

I haven't been in hiding! I have however been smack dab in the middle of living out a dream I didn't even know I had! My love received news that his company was closing the Orlando office and he was invited to come out to Ireland for a six month stint to work with the home office which is based in Dublin. So that is where we have been since mid July.

It has been incredible! Oddly I have not had near the amount of free time that we thought I would have between getting our apartment set up (there have been numerous maintenance issues-blech!) and doing the everyday stuff that has to be done for living. You know-groceries, cleaning, cooking, laundry etc. Laundry is a bit different here because I don't have a dryer as it is more common to hang your clothes on a clothes horse for them to dry. Most of the time that is just fine but there are some super windy days here in Dublin and I have had to find a way to anchor my clothes horse so it would stop falling over!

After being here in Dublin for several months our adventures have begun to wind down and be more spread apart and we are down to only having two more scheduled visits from those we love so I am now finding myself with that free time that we thought I would have from the beginning. (I am glad I have been so busy because if not I may have felt lonely which would have tainted this experience.)

All this to say....I MADE SOME CARDS PEOPLE!!! It's the little victories in life that make me happy! ;)   I am going to just include pictures of the cards I have made they are a mix of birthday, Christmas, fall etc. Going forward there may be more info on either the making of the cards or possibly if I am entering the card in a challenge then I will be highlighting the challenge and the blog that it's for.

I have mentioned before that this is a crafty journal of sorts for me because I make these things and I want to share them. So I am writing this blog to those invisible individuals who may read this and take a look or it may never be seen and that's OK. I am an only child and have a self issued Master's Degree in make believe. So until all of you unsuspecting readers of my ramblings find this little blog of mine I am going to write to you and picture you in my head and imagine that you are comfy and enjoying the best cup of coffee or tea or whatever beverage you may enjoy the most. ( I am also a little jealous because I am pretty sure you're eating something delicious and I LOVE food!)  Oh and everyone is having a perfect hair day! ;)

Wishing you sunshine and smiles,
Kim  :)