Ruby Blooms

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I have an's not really a secret obsession especially since I am putting it out here on the web but still it's an obsession...are you ready?...(takes deep breath)...I am addicted to watching other cardmakers on YouTube! (Breathes sigh of relief)

There I said it...the first step is owning it right? Okay the people I am about to introduce you to are fabulous! They are inspiring, talented, down to earth, real women who love what they do and they inspire me so very much! I am going to include their YouTube links below so that if you are looking for some inspiration and would like to hear a voice and see a video you can head on over to them! I have also included their blog buttons if you would like to take a peek at their blogs. Enjoy!

Prairie Paper and Ink  by Amy Rysav

Kwernerdesign by Kristina Werner

Jennifer McGuire Ink by Jennifer McGuire

Oh and one more thing: my FAVORITE store is not one you can drive to you can only visit it via FaceBook and it is AMAZING! I do not say this lightly! I go into other stores now and look around and typically come out empty handed and think to myself "Wow, I've got it really good, my store has better products at better prices!"

Okay I won't hold back the name any longer my FAVORITE store is called Scrapping For Less. I have included a link to that site as well. The owner Teresa Russell is a friend of mine and she is a super sweet lady with an eye for what's trendy and what you will want. I lovingly call her my "enabler". (I love every minute of it though!) So head on over and take a look and see if you can go through the photos without finding something you just HAVE to have (I never can). Plus as an added bonus, if you've been looking for a good price for a particular item just ask her if she can get it. She has amazing acquirement skills at excellent prices! Happy shopping!

I hope you love these sites as much as I do!