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Monday, January 9, 2017

Valentine's Day Card Series 2017 Begins!

Hi ya!

Valentines are so much fun to make! I love cute and when making Valentine's Day cards there is no reason to dial down the cuteness. I have mentioned before on this blog that I tend to make cards just to make them because I enjoy it not because I necessarily have anyone to send them to. That being said this go round I have a purpose for these cards and I am so excited to send them on where they will hopefully put a smile on someone's face.

A YouTuber I follow is Christy Gets Crafty and while I was watching the first several of her Valentine's Card Series for this year she announced The "Cards From the Heart Card Drive" which is ran by her friend Winter Sims, I am including the link so that if you are interested in participating.

So here is the run down for card #1:
I feel like there should be more because I think it's such a sweet little card but it really was a simple card to make but uber cute! I have included links to where you can find similar items.

Thanks so much for stopping by and if you can I hope you participate in the card drive.

Wishing you sunshine and smiles,
Kim :)